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so this happened a couple months ago and i laughed for like 20 minutes. my first guess was dog but omg. i hope you people have a good sense of humor because i found this really funny. i mean look at the question. xD

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 Quvenzhané Wallis with Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence

How to piss off an entire fandom

A novel by MTV

Sorry I haven’t been on. Yesterday I seriously got up, went to Target, got Breakng Dawn part 2 on DVD and started a twilight saga marathon, then today as soon as i got home from church finished. ill post something soon! <3

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shout out to the 90% of my followers that dont like to reblog or message me at all but still follow me for some reason

i thought u had like 500 followers i
omg no not on this blog lol I only have more than that on one of my blogs lol im not good enough at edits for 100 followers let alone 500
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10 away till 100 omg you guys are AMAZING <3

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“People are deeply judgmental and I’m not strong enough. I would love to be like, ‘I don’t care what anybody thinks.’ But I’m a very private person.”